Micro Niche Sites – Are they the future of Internet Marketing?

Well, if you have been around any length of time in the field of internet marketing, you’ve seen the term ‘micro niche sites’ or ‘micro niche blogging’.

What does that really mean?

Basically it involves using Keyword research tools like the Google Keyword tool to find low-competition keywords and registering domains with an ‘exact match’. It’s easy to find the exact match keywords if you scroll down on the Keyword tool page and you will see 3 options: broad match, exact match and phrase match.

Just select ‘exact match’ and leave the rest unchecked. That’s it. Now when you search for keywords, you will find that the search results generated will have [] around them. These are the exact match keywords. You need to look for keywords that have sufficient volumes of searches generated per month, but at the same time, not too much. Anything beyond 1000 is fine.

One factor to look at is ‘competition’. If the green bar in that column is fully green, then it’s probably not a great choice, because it means you have high competition and it is difficult to rank for those keywords.

If you register a domain with those keywords, this will give you a high ranking domain on Google.

What next? Well, quite simply, you put some content on it. Either you write it yourself, or you outsource it at some place like Freelancer.com or Elance.com for pretty cheap prices.

Then you submit your site to Google through the Webmasters Tools, and you also do some some social bookmarking at websites like: Digg, Technorati, Stumbleupon, etc. You can also submit your RSS feed to Yahoo by going into my.yahoo.com, logging into your account there and adding the new feed.

After that is done, go to Pingler.com and ping your site. This will get the search engines to send out robots looking for your site.

This in essence is the principle, but in practice, it is a lot more complicated than that. The hardest part of this is getting the right keywords with enough search volume generated per month.

Let’s say that you can get one or two micro niche sites up every week or two. If those sites make you even $50 each month, then in a month you could be earning $200-$400 passive income. Then you keep that up for a few months – let’s say 6 months – and you would be getting anywhere from $1200-$2400 per month. That’s passive income that will keep coming in month after month into your account.

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